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Народы, ищущие мир

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The movement of the Peace People.

"Peace People" is an international movement promoted by the Community of S:. Egidio. It started in Rome in 1999.

All sorts of men and women take part in it. At the moment the movement counts more tham 10,000 people living in Italy, Germany and Belgium, who come from 95 different nations.

Some of these have left their countries to flee wars and persecution, others to search for a better future for themselves and their families.

"Peace People" offer a solution to the urgent problem of immigration. It promotes integration and solidarity, taking into account different cultural and religious traditions.

It opposes the dispersion and anonymity which is associated with immigration to Europe from the South and East, not on an ethnical basis, but by trying, instead, to bring together Europeans and immigrants and to remove, at root level, the risk of opposition and diffidence.

"Peace People" focusses on a dream and a project in which nobody is a foreigner and where differences do not make for conflict or intolerance but are, rather, the occasion to discover the value of human encounters.

In the Movement this is achieved through solidarity shown towards anyone who is in diffculty. It is an active non-violent commitment against any form of racism and intollerance.

The declaration entitled "Peace People" reflects the intentions of the members of the movement.
The declaration, for those who agree to it, can be signed with no commitment, as a proof of moral support, and sent via e-mail.

7 Мая 2011

Антверпен (Бельгия) - Манифестация "Грести к миру" собирает молодежь разного этнического, культурного и религиозного происхождения

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27 Сентября 2010

Остия (Рим): 1000 воздушных змеев из Афганистана для знакомства и взаимопонимания народов и культур

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4 Июня 2011

Рим. "Мы все итальянцы": Дети, молодежь и пожилые люди со всего мира собрались на праздник в день итальянской Республики

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25 Июня 2011

Падуя - Умереть от надежды: имена и истории иммигрантов, погибших в путешествии к Европе, вспоминались в молитве в церкви Св.Луки.

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2 Июня 2011

Жить вместе возможно! В Чивитавекиа и Гвидония (Италия) Община Святого Эгидия принимает беженцев из Ливии.

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21 Мая 2011

"Умереть ради надежды": в Катании и Палермо прошла молитва в память о тех, кто погиб в Средиземном море

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19 Ноября 2017 | НЕАПОЛЬ, ИТАЛИЯ

Consegna dei diplomi della Scuola di Italiano di Sant'Egidio a Napoli

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Comunità di Sant'Egidio

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Appello al Parlamento ungherese sui profughi e i minori richiedenti asilo

Corso di Alta Formazione professionale per Mediatori europei per l’intercultura e la coesione sociale

Omelia di S.E. Card. Antonio Maria Vegliò alla preghiera "Morire di Speranza". Lampedusa 3 ottobre 2014

Omelia di S.E. Card. Vegliò durante la preghiera "Morire di speranza"

Nomi e storie delle persone ricordate durante la preghiera "Morire di speranza". Roma 22 giugno 2014

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