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Several hundreds are the prisoners sentenced to death who, thanks to the Community of Sant'Egidio, correspond with friends from all over the world. They are prisoners living in the prisons not only of the USA, but also of other countries, like Trinidad and Tobago, Cameroun, Zambia, or where, like in Russia, all the death sentences were commutated in life inprisonment.


"...I have been framed in a death row for 5 long years, I entered here as a boy, now I am a man and I understand many things, but I am no more able to do anything for my life... Even if you can't help me to get out of here, you can write me, be me friends..."

(Dominique, Texas)

"I am a young 29-year-old man detained in the death row for 3 years.  I am seeking a pen-pal to be less lonely."

(Michael, Florida)

"... Your letter surprised me. It was strong in me the idea that with one like me no one could want to correspond, to talk about clean, sincere, friendly things..."

(Aleksej, Siberia)



There are many good reasons
to become pen-pals
of a person sentenced to death.

 Do you yourself want to become
a pen-pal of a one of them?

If so, write me and let me know in what languages you are able and/or prefer to correspond. I will answer you as soon as possible sending you the name and the profile of a prisoner who expressed the desire of corresponding. If you want to have other explanations, write me, I will answer to your questions. Bye.

Stefania Tallei 
[email protected] 

Friends in prisons

• 新闻
2009 十一月 29

維護生命的城市 以光明照亮生命 世界城市反對死刑日

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2016 一月 28
il Cittadino

Life: un libro contro la pena di morte

2016 二月 21
Vatican Insider - ES

Francisco pide abolir la pena de muerte con el Jubileo

2016 一月 3
Catalunya Cristiana

Celebrada la Jornada Ciutats per la vida-Ciutats contra la pena de mort

2015 四月 21
La Scintilla Italiana


2014 十一月 20
La Vanguardia

Martorell se suma a la red de municipios contra la pena de muerte

2016 二月 21
La Vanguardia

Papa pide abolir la pena de muerte y que en el Jubileo no se ejecute ninguna

• 活动
2017 十一月 30 | 罗马, 意大利

Live concert al Colosseo per dire tutti insieme #PENADIMORTEMAI

2017 十一月 28 | 罗马, 意大利

10° Incontro Internazionale dei Ministri della giustizia ''Un mondo senza pena di morte''

• 不实行死刑
2015 九月 24

Pope Francis calls on Congress to end the death penalty. "Every life is sacred", he said

2015 三月 12
Associated Press

Death penalty: a look at how some US states handle execution drug shortage

2015 三月 5
Associated Press

Nitrogen gas executions approved by Oklahoma House

2015 二月 28

Australian PM strikes conciliatory note over Indonesia executions

2015 二月 28

US Supreme Court won't lift stay in Florida execution

2015 二月 25

Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith

2015 二月 21

New Oregon governor will continue death penalty moratorium

2015 二月 15

Archbishop Chaput applauds Penn. governor for halt to death penalty

• 文件

Statement by Minister J. Kamara on the death penalty in Sierra Leone

Vice President Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe's steps toward the abolition of the death penalty

Mario Marazziti: rifiutare la logica della pena di morte per non cedere alla trappola del terrore

Cambodian Minister of Justice, Ang Vong Vathana: Cambodia as a model of Asian country without the death penalty

Rajapakshe, Minister of Justice: Sri Lanka to protect the right to life, against the death penalty

Tanni Taher: the commitment of Sant'Egidio against the death penalty in Indonesia


Malawi contro la pena di morte
Cities for life: da Roma al mondo contro la pena di morte

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