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The Everyday Prayer

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Church of Sant'Egidio, Rome

Reading of the Word of God

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Whoever lives and believes in me
will never die.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Luke 21, 34-36

'Watch yourselves, or your hearts will be coarsened by debauchery and drunkenness and the cares of life, and that day will come upon you unexpectedly,

like a trap. For it will come down on all those living on the face of the earth.

Stay awake, praying at all times for the strength to survive all that is going to happen, and to hold your ground before the Son of man.'


Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

If you believe, you will see the glory of God,
thus says the Lord.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

The Gospel that we heard closes the eschatological discourse according to Luke and ends the liturgical year. Since his arrival in Jerusalem, Jesus taught every day in the temple, and every evening he retired to the garden of olives to pray. He exhorts his disciples to “watch in every moment, praying.” He says this not just with words, but with his own life. He knows well that before decisive and difficult moments it is necessary to be vigilant and ready. Every day is lived as the last. One could say that every day is the last, in the sense that it is unique; not one will be the same as another. Once a day has passed, it does not return. Therefore, every day demands our attention and vigilance because the Lord is before us and knocks at the door of our hearts, as the Apocalypse reminds us, “Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you and eat with you, and you with me” (Rev 3:20). Luke presents the prayer as the attitude par excellence of disciples who watch to welcome the Lord who knocks on the door of their heart. Prayer not only distances evil and gives strength to combat evil; above all, it frees us from concentrating on ourselves and helps us lift our gaze upward, toward the Lord who is coming. Jesus exhorts us to pray, always, never tiring. For us, poor men and poor women, limited as we are, to pray without ceasing means to pray every day. Yes, in daily prayer, we find the faith that is requested by the Gospel. Prayer continually orients and re-orients the disciple toward God. Every day we must “come before the Son of man,” to listen to the Word that he has left us, and with him we must invoke the Father in heaven in order to taste, already now, the ultimate encounter with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. After having had us contemplate the “end” of history, the Church gives us a new liturgical year, and calls each of us to the centrality of prayer and the necessity of perseverance in prayer as a guarantee of the ultimate encounter between us and the Lord.

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