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The Country of the Rainbow - the Tasks

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The movement proposes that each child support another child, living far away and in difficulty. There are many different methods to choose from:

Sister schools with the 'Scuole Popolari' from the South of the world
The 'Scuole Popolari' in Europe collect scholastic materials, make toys, invent fairy tales and stories for their friends who attend the 'Scuole Popolari' in the South of the world. The material is sent twice a year, along with letters and video greetings. The movement's international meetings are an occasion to meet face to face. 

Aid for Mozambican children. 

The younger children can save in their piggybanks money they want to give to support the Mozambican children they got to know through videos and slides. The money is used to buy snacks in the Mozambican 'Scuole Popolari.'



They collect signatures against the death penalty
They help the younger children in the Scuola Popolare.
They visit the elderly in nursing homes and institutions and organize parties and meetings for them.
They've started to publish the "Country of the Rainbow News," the movement's newsletter.


Furthermore, according to their talents, personal gifts, and interests, each participant may take part into the following activities:
The Country of the Rainbow Band.
The movement's chorus, two sections one for children and the other for adolescents.
The dancers.
The soccer team.





Many former students of the 'Scuole Popolari' are members of the Movement. They are no longer children but young people and even adults who share the movement's goals, participate in its events, and help it spread throughout the world. In fact anybody can belong to the Country of the Rainbow.

The Youngest

July 8 2011

Garoua (Cameroon): At the School of Peace children learn to be in solidarity with the poor: a visit to the city's public neglected children in the institution

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June 10 2011

Manila (Philippines) - School supplies to the children of the School of Peace of Cainta

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April 12 2016

There is a place in Rome, where ecology combines with solidarity: the vintage market of Sant'Egidio

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October 5 2016

5th October, World Teacher’s Day: All to school…of peace!

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December 6 2011

Give a distance adoption as a present for Christmas

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October 31 2011

A congress of the teenagers grown up with the program of long distance adoption

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