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10 Februari 2012

‘Adopt a child’ says Sant’Egidio

New campaign encourages affluent Indonesians to help their nation's poor


The Sant’Egidio community launched a new child sponsorship initiative yesterday aimed at getting well-off Indonesians to help poor children get a better start in life.

The project is an extension of an existing scheme which seeks foreign donors.

According to the community’s coordinator, Prisca Nuriati, the scheme was launched after a recent survey saw a sharp increase in the number of poor people across the country despite the fact living standards as a whole are improving.

Data from the Asian Development Bank says the number of Indonesians living on less than 7,800 rupiah (87 US cents) a day increased from 40.4 million in 2008 to 43.1 million in 2010.

“The need is so great. That is why we are doing this,” said Nuriati during the scheme’s launch at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Kemakmuran, West Jakarta.

Eveline Winarko, the community’s Jakarta representative, said the foreign scheme called Long Distance Adoption has been running since 2004 and involves donors from abroad “adopting” more than 500 children in Java and Sumatra by providing them with financial support in terms of health care and schooling,” she said.

The new program will involve donors from right across Indonesia.

Nuriati hoped the new “adopt a child” initiative “will create a close bond between the donors and the beneficiaries” and eventually contribute to narrowing the gap between the haves and have-nots.

The Sant’Egidio community in Italy started the international adopt a child scheme in September 1998. It was designed as an act of solidarity which would guarantee children in poor countries and their families some economic support.

In Indonesia, Sant’Egidio has 15 communities serving hundreds of poor children and the elderly.

31 Oktober 2011

Bogor (Indonesië) – Een bijeenkomst met de jongeren die opgroeiden met het programma “Adoptie op afstand”

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5 Augustus 2011

Adoptie op afstand en het recht op onderwijs: in Indonesië studeren 27 van de eerste “adoptiekinderen” aan de universiteit

IT | ES | DE | CA | NL
24 Mei 2010

Bojonegoro (Indonesië): een seminarie voor de ouders van de kinderen van het programma “adoptie op afstand”

IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | PT | CA | NL | ID
18 Oktober 2011

Adoptie of afstand: op vakantie aan zee met de kinderen van het woonproject in Antananarivo (Madagascar)

IT | ES | DE | CA | NL | RU | UK
28 September 2011

El Salvador - In La Herradura, een landelijk gebied waar geen medische voorzieningen zijn, een “Dag van de gezondheid” voor de kinderen van het programma “adoptie op afstand”

IT | ES | DE | FR | CA | NL
10 Juni 2011

Manila (Filippijnen) – Een feest met de kinderen van de School van Vrede van Cainta

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19 Februari 2014

Fuori dall'ombra con Sant'Egidio

13 Februari 2014
Prima Pagina Modena

Povertà, in regione si moltiplica il numero delle famiglie indigenti

21 Februari 2014
La Repubblica - Ed. Genova

Mense dei poveri, l'esercito degli italiani

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Il Messaggero

Quell'esercito di disperati che sopravvive come può

2 Maart 2016
La Vanguardia

Sant Egidi presenta ‘la guía Michelin de los pobres’

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En Barcelona faltan lugares para que los sin techo puedan dormir y ducharse

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9 Maart 2015

Peine de mort en Indonésie: la justice va étudier un appel des deux trafiquants australiens

28 Februari 2015

Australian PM strikes conciliatory note over Indonesia executions

21 Februari 2015

Indonesia recalls envoy to Brazil amid row over execution

21 Februari 2015

Brasile: scontro su esecuzioni, respinto ambasciatore Indonesia

20 Februari 2015

Australia ratchets up pressure on Indonesia over executions

18 Januari 2015
La Repubblica on line

Indonesia, eseguita condanna a morte per sei trafficanti di droga: 5 sono stranieri

26 Oktober 2014

Sant'Egidio with the Pope for the commitment against the death penalty

25 Oktober 2014


10 Oktober 2014

1st Asia Pacific Dialogue on human rights and respect for human dignity International Conference: No justice without life

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