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Unterstützung der Gemeinschaft


Making Peace

The role played by the Community of Sant'Egidio in the international arena (Second Edition)

2013 |
New City

Nicknamed the 'UN of Trastevere', the Community of Sant'Egidio, which started life by coming together to pray in the church of Sant'Egidio in 1968, goes out from its Roman base to help resolve civil wars and international conflicts around the globe. Mozambique, Algeria, Kosovo, Liberia and Ivory Coast have all benefitted from its nonthreatening, but deeply committed presence.

Sant'Egidio also works tirelessly to defeat AIDS in Africa and campaigns vigorously to bring an end to the death penalty.

But Sant'Egidio's message is simple: a way to peace can always be found, and everyone, from professional diplomats to volunteers, from doctors to patients, can make a valid contribution to the peace process.

This book presents the fascinating story of Sant'Egidio's activities for peace and reconciliation for the good of humanity. And their motivation: love of God and love of neighbor.

18 Oktober 2017

Einen Monat nach dem Religionstreffen von Münster wurden „Wege des Friedens“ auf vier Kontinenten eingeschlagen

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4 Oktober 2017

Konferenz über 25 Jahre Frieden in Mosambik – das italienische Modell hat Afrika Hoffnung geschenkt

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4 Oktober 2017

25 Jahre Frieden in Mosambik – Geschichte eines Landes, das Krieg und Armut hinter sich gelassen hat

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4 Februar 2016

Arme und Freunde der Armen: Das Volk von Sant'Egidio feiert heute den 48. Gründungstag der Gemeinschaft

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20 Oktober 2015

Bischöfe aus allen Teilen der Welt beten gemeinsam mit Sant'Egidio für den Frieden in Kolumbien und in der Welt

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9 Februar 2017

Sant'Egidio feiert den 49. Jahrestag mit dem Volk der Gemeinschaft

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8 Juni 2017

Sant’Egidio: piccola Onu di Trastevere entra all’Onu, alleanza strategica per la pace

22 September 2016
Agencia Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Comunicación

Sed de paz en La Habana

16 Januar 2016

«Lo spirito di Sant'Egidio importante per l'Europa»

10 Dezember 2015
Vatican Insider

Centrafrica, la tregua del Papa firmata da cristiani e musulmani

5 Dezember 2015

Sant’Egidio: diplomazia discreta in Centrafrica precede visita Papa

4 Dezember 2015

La diplomazia discreta di Sant'Egidio

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''Entente de Sant'Egidio'': Political Agreement for Peace in the Central African Republic

Libya: The humanitarian agreement for the region of Fezzan, signed at Sant'Egidio on June 16th 2016 (Arabic text)

Nuclear Disarmament Symposium on the 70 th anniversary of the atomic bomb. Hiroshima, August 6 2015

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