Children, the elderly, prisoners: from Mzuzu, northern Malawi, a great momentum to protect the poorest

April 25 2016 - MZUZU, MALAWI

Marco Impagliazzo met the communities of the north of the country

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 At Mzuzu, the Communities of Northern Malawi gathered for a meeting with Marco  Impagliazzo. They reflected on the value of friendship as a way to address the  pessimism and resignation of many young Malawians. Friendship that, in recent years,  has touched the lives of so many people in need such as children, the elderly and  prisoners.

They highlighted in particular the condition of so many girls in the region who do not  attend school because they are forced to work. In the same way that inhumane  conditions in prisons have emerged (overcrowding, lack of hygiene and food), where  the youth of the community go to visit the prisoners.  It was decided to revive the schools of peace across the country to protect and support  the poorest children.


In recent months, Malawi faces the crisis of refugees from Mozambique, due to political  instability in the region of Tete. More than 15,000 Mozambican refugees are now living  in Malawi in non-equipped camps in extreme poverty.

The Community will stand with these people in the coming days.  From South to North of Malawi shows the desire and enthusiasm to be a friendship  people "miracle friendship", according to the 3 P indicated by Pope Francis: prayer, the  poor and peace.