Humanitarian aid in Libya after the agreement signed at Sant'Egidio: the first container of medicines has been delivered

July 4 2016 - LIBYA

Humanitarian aidLibya

at the hospital of Ubari, in the south of the country. The aid is the result of collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and the World Food Program of Brindisi.

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The first container of medicines has arrived at the hospital of Ubari in the Fezzan, extreme south-west of Libya, the result of the humanitarian agreement signed at Sant'Egidio on last 18 June by politicians and activists of Fezzan, representing the various tribes in the region , to ensure the arrival of humanitarian aid in the region.

The medicines were sent through the collaboration between the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation and the WFP of Brindisi. The hospital of Ubari provides care to about 100,000 thousand people and, although damaged in the war, it has become again a reference point for the whole province.

Further shipments are scheduled to supply other hospitals in the region that are in urgent need of medicines and medical equipment.