Community of Sant'Egidio in Pakistan awarded by the Ministry of Human Rights for its commitment with the poor

December 20 2016 - FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN


the ceremony in the diocese of Faisalabad

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The Community of Sant’Egidio in Pakistan has been awarded as "Best Achievement 2016-2017"  by Federal Minister for Human Rights, senator Kamran Michael, for its commitment for the youth, the poor, the elderly, and for peace.

The ceremony for the award took place in the cathedral of Faisalabad, at the presence of Bishop  Joseph Arshad, and an audience of about 1000 people. Actually, December 19th is a special day dedicated by Pakistani State to award those associations and institutions who have been particularly committed for peace and solidarity in the country.

The Community of Sant'Egidio has been awarded in a special section. The motivation for the award stresses "the excellent service made by the Community  for Peace, Youth,  Poor and Elderly. Along with its volunteers, Community is remarkably serving the above mentioned people very effectively with love and concern".