The bar 'Friends - Coffee & Books' opens in Antwerp

A model of inclusion for people with disabilities

In the heart of the Belgian city of Antwerp, the Community of Sant'Egidio opened "Friends, Coffee & Books". This cofee bar is run by the Friends, the group of Sant'Egidio that includes people with disabilities.

It's a cozy place where it is possible not only to have a coffee, but also to eat delicious desserts (prepared together with the elderly of the Community) and take a look at the books.

This place wants to be a model of inclusion in the world of work. As Pope Francis said in Genoa, "The dream is not the income for everyone, but the job for all." And Friends show great enthusiasm for work, they also attended with accuracy a training course to become bartender.

"The fact that I can work is very important for me" said Cindy, one of the Friends. "To find a job is not easy. That is why I am very proud to be able to work in this bar. "

In order to realize this project, the Community of Sant'Egidio could count on the help of several partners, such as Vascobelo, a coffee company, and Unizo, the Flemish association of entrepreneurs. WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE OPENING