At a prayer at Old S.Patrick Cathedral Sant'Egidio remembers those who lost their life for guns in the US in 2017


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At a prayer at Old St. Patrick Cathedral in Manhattan the Community of New York remembered all those who lost their lives because of gun in the United States in 2017.

The number of dead because of violence has reached shocking numbers: since the beginning of the year more than 6,000 people, mostly young, lost their lives because in various shootings. Sant'Egidio on the US has been working to overcome this violent mentality for more than one year, collecting signatures and having moments of reflection and prayer. Many gathered on Friday at Old St. Patrick, among them the mother of a young woman who lost her life for the improper use of guns.

Candles remembering those who lost their lives were lit while the names of some victims and the numbers of the dead  in each American state were read.
Marco Impagliazzo took part in the prayer and in his reflection on the Gospel he remembered Jesus' "enough" to the disciple who wanted to defend him by the sword during his Passion.

It is the "enough" that the Community wants to spread in the United States in a commitment to defend life. It is a  commitment that grows especially in sustaining the life of the weak, especially the elderly and those who live in the street.