Global friendship, #MoreYouthMorePeace: message and commitment of the Youth for Peace in Barcelona

Next year in Rome. PHOTO AND VIDEO

A great assembly in barcelona concluded the meeting of the European Youth for Peace of Sant'Egidio titled "More Youth More Peace".

"Let us exercise the right to have a dream: let us fight against fear", the president of the Community of Sant'Egidio Marco Impagliazzo said to the 500 boys and girls that came to Barcelona from all over Europe to spread a message of peace. These were important days, they commemorated the victims of terrorism, marched at the Ramblas and delivered flowers in the place odf the attack that hit barcelona a few days ago. On Saturday 26th August they also took part in the great event together with thousands of citizens, expressing around Barcelona the dream of building a world of peace and coexistence without any fear.

Photo and video