Let us not close our hearts, or look the other way. The presence of God today is also called ''Rohingya''. May each of us respond.

December 5 2017

The words of Pope Francis

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Dear brothers and sisters, all of us are close to you.  There is little that we can do because your tragedy is so great.  But let us make room in our heart.  In the name of everyone, of those who persecute you, of those who have wronged you, above all for the indifference of the world, I ask your forgiveness.  Forgiveness.  So many of you have told me about the Bangladesh’s big heart that has welcomed you.  Now I appeal to your big heart, that it can grant us the forgiveness we seek.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Judaeo-Christian creation account says that the Lord who is God created man in his image and likeness.  All of us are this image.  These brothers and sisters of ours, as well.  They too are an image of the living God.  One of your religious traditions says that God, in the beginning, took some salt and cast it in the water that was the soul of all men and women.  Each of us carries within himself a little of the divine salt.  These brothers and sisters of ours carry within them the salt of God.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us only make the world see what the world’s selfishness is doing with the image of God.  Let us continue to do good for them, to help them.  Let us continue to work actively for the recognition of their rights.  Let us not close our hearts, or look the other way.  The presence of God, today, is also called “Rohingya”.  May each of us respond in his or her own way.


Pope Francis to a group of Rohingya refugees during his visit to Bangladesh (December 1th 2017)