The Friends' Wardrobe means Ecosolidariness in Warsaw

A place for all those in need

In the city of Warsaw in Poland there is a “Eco-Friendly City", just like the one in Rome. It is called “The Friends' Wardrobe", a place where homeless people and those in need can freely go to look for clothes, feel the fabric, consider the cut, compare different fashion styles and fix the size. In short, as if you were in a proper store, yet with something more, it's eco-friendly! Here, new and second hand clothes are collected and selected for all those experiencing life difficulties. All of this thanks to the generosity and donations of so many people.

Krzysztof, a homeless man met during the distribution of meals on the street, told us: "It's a great idea. We want to look clean, but on the street, clothes get easily dirty. We don't have a place to wash them. Thank you for this place, now we can look perfect!".

The Friends' Wardrobe, in Ulica Tamka 4a Warszawa, is open on:
Monday for collection from 18:00 to 20:00 and on
Thursday for distribution from 17:00 to 19:00