Pope Francis and the Middle East Churches leaders to meet in Bari for a day of reflection and prayer

April 25 2018

Pope Francis

A sign of peace and friendship among Christians

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The Community of Sant'Egidio rejoices and express its deepest appreciation for the news that Pope Francis will travel to Bari (Southern Italy) on the 7th July, together with the leaders of the Christian Churches in the Middle East to reflect and pray for the dramatic situation in the region.
It is certainly a favorable initiative to foster peace in such difficult times, with the tragic increase of sufferance due to the worsening of war in Syria.

There will be many and positive outcomes coming from this testimony of friendship and unity among the leaders of different Christian confessions, in times of widespread violence. Moreover, everyone will have the chance to express strong solidarity with the ancient Churches of the Middle East so much marked by sufferance and whose faithful are often obliged to emigrate.