Connecting the dots of Mercy. A London story.



Our future consists in living together

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Several years ago I moved to London… A while after, by chance (or by destiny?) I came across the Sant’Egidio Community in London.

I like to define my experience in Sant’Egidio as a journey: a journey through friendship, through mercy, through the joy of sharing. It is definitely much more than a local volunteer work opportunity. For the first time, I felt part of a global human project that unites the streets of the world.

Down the streets of London where we all rush through, I learned to slow down, to stop and speak with the homeless and the poor.

Today, I believe the meaning of life can only be found beyond the fence of our little gardens. The meaning of life is watering the dried flowers left on the edge of the street. Those flowers are the homeless, the elderly, the poor, sometimes still invisible in our society, that deserve instead to be seen, listened and helped.

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Connecting the dots of Mercy. A London story.
Connecting the dots of Mercy. A London story.