A red thread between Italy and Tirana: Andrea Riccardi visiting the "red houses” of Sant'Egidio for psychiatric patient

Andrea Riccardi, during a visit to Albania where he chaired the opening of the first Dante Alighieri Center for the promotion of Italian Language and Culture, visited "the red houses” - the facility implemented by the Community in collaboration with the Ministry of Albanian Health - currently hosting 18 psychiatric patients, friends for many years.

Andrea already knew the guests of the houses from the days when they were living in the psychiatric hospital of Tirana - closed six years ago thanks to the alternative proposal made by the Community with the realisation of these new houses. With sympathy and friendship, the guests told Andrea Riccardi how they are spending their days and showed him their activities.

What are the Red Houses?

A new, more worthy, humane and effective healthcare model for all patients with psychiatric problems. A proper home and not a hospital, where people live together taking part in all the daily activities. Thanks to highly specialized personnel and voluntary groups of Sant'Egidio who visits the Albanian capital on a regular basis and offer support to the staff in assisting patients as well as organising playful and recreational activities together with the guests of the center.

The Red Houses on Youtube