Aegean - unacceptable massacre of children. Europe called to find unity and to intervene with concrete solutions for migrants

June 3 2018

childrenhumanitarian corridor

To save from traffickers those in danger, to apply the model of Humanitarian Corridors for those fleeing wars, to consider regular entry

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It is unacceptable the massacre of six children, drowned in the Aegean Sea along with three adults accompanying them, into yet another desperate journey ended in tragedy. Europe must overcome its sterile divisions and face the immigration phenomenon with a policy combining humanity and security. Another 35 corpses have been found in the last hours also next to the Tunisians sea, and the death tool is likely to rise. As Community of Sant’Egidio, we urgently ask to respect the value of life above all and to immediately implement everything that can be done to save those in danger. Moreover, we ask to find non fear-driven agreements, to broaden the model of Humanitarian Corridors for all those fleeing wars and to allow regular entry for work purposes, as households and firms have been asking for sometime. Indeed, if we really want to fight human traffickers, concrete solutions are needed to save human lives and promote integration.