No child is too far for foster care! And Binta knows it.

Binta is nearly 12, the Community of Sant'Egidio takes care of her since she was just a five-year-old girl thanks to the Foster Care Program. She currently lives in Catiò, a tiny farm town located in the south of the country, an "isolated region" as the very Guineans are calling it. Here people can get only the crumbs of the minimum welfare which can be found in the capital city of Bissau.

It is after six in the afternoon and the “São Bento” school is now closed. Nevertheless, Binta know we will be there soon and stays on lookout. After traveling five hours to cover the 270 km separating Catiò from Bissau, we have finally arrived. Soon after someone knocks at the door: is our friend Binta coming in with a smiling hug.

Through her we feel we are embracing all the 314, among children and teenagers, who have been able to attend school thanks to the Foster Care Program of Sant’Egidio.

How to sponsor the Foster Care Program of Sant'Egidio.