Sant'Egidio for Humanitarian Corridors: when the truth of life arises

Yesterday, 140 lives where saved. Europe is a much better place, today

Life can be overwhelmed by the daily news. Politics, immigration, economy, threats of war and lack of future. A turmoil of harsh statements, promises, challenges at times hard do decode. Yet, there are days when we experience something different and extraordinary, when everything stops and the truth of life arises, eventually. Yesterday, Wednesday 27th June, was exactly one of those.

Rome (Fiumicino Airport), 5am - 140 refugees landed safely in Europe, thanks to a Humanitarian Corridor. They come from Eritrea, Etiopia, Somalia. Among them there are 56 children. They did not die into the Sea, they have not been rejected or sent off by police officers and no one tried to smuggle them on their search for life. Quite the contrary. What they found at the airport was people smiling and waiting them with flowers, hot food, comfort utilities and everything-else you might need to feel safe and home after a long journey.

Is this really the end? Is it really over with fear, hunger, insecurity, rage and hopelessness? Indeed, this time it is very much so. The arrival at the airport is just the start of something new, known as “life”. Perhaps, this will also mark the end of a continent like Europe at times too scared and short-sighted. Maybe this is the start of a new vision for the future. It looks like Europeans are very welcoming, eager to protect and integrate those in need.

Yesterday, 140 lives where saved. Europe is a much better place, today.

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