Global Friendship- Young people from all over the world in Rome, 13th to 15th July

"A global friendship to live together in peace". This is the concrete proposition of more than 1000 young people gathering in Rome from the 13th to 15th July. Indeed, ”A global friendship to live together in peace" will be the largest European event by the youth movement close to the Community of Sant'Egidio and committed in helping children, the homeless and the elderly. Following the meetings in Spain and Poland, for the very first time all young Europeans will gather together. Delegations from the Americas, Asia and Africa are also expected.

Why Friendship?
For the Youth for Peace friendship is a daily experience which lets you find creative solutions to many situations of poverty. The concrete approach of friendship is a fundamental means for young people to learn more about themselves, the impact of their actions and the reality surrounding them.

"Global friendship" can rebuild our societies divided by hatred and fear. It is young people refusing to be dominated by fear of the future and offering everyone to share the responsibility of peace, by being aware of the loneliness of the elderly, and also the false stories about migrants. Indifference is hampering the culture of "living together in peace", which is what we all want.

Barcelona 2017, “More youth, more Peace”
This is the precise set of reflections and experiences of all the young people coming from different cities in the world. This year will be the eight edition of the meeting.  Last year it took place in Barcelona, marked by the attack on the Rambla. All youngsters  decided to join the great city demonstration, which had the message "We are not afraid”.
Moving towards peace
A very rich three days program: assemblies, parties, visits to the city tours, time for sharing and prayer. Also, the visit of the Community of Sant’Egidio sites on its 50th anniversary.

Sunday morning all the participants will stop to the Fosse Ardeatine Monument, to remember the horror of WWII. It will be a remarkable moment of reflection for a Europe still too divided with no consideration for the conditions of the latter.

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