PHILIPPINES, Sant'Egidio: deep sorrow for the attack, do not stop the dialogue for peace

The Community of Sant'Egidio expresses its sorrow and shows its solidarity with the people and the Catholic Church of the Philippines, after the serious attack yesterday in Jolo that has provoked new innocent victims among the Christians gathered for Sunday Mass.

The condemnation of those who strike men and women in the sacred moment of prayer can only be total and firm. It is a blind violence that has as its sole objective to sow terror, even as the south of the Philippines is engaged in the arduous search for a stable and lasting peace.

Sant'Egidio - who participated in the negotiations that led to the peace agreement for the region of Mindanao, recently ratified by the referendum - reaffirms its commitment to the Church and the people of the Philippines. It is necessary to continue on the path of dialogue and reconciliation, as also desired by the Episcopal Conference, which has invited Christians, in this difficult moment, to "be courageous, strong in prayer, take care of each other" and " to overcome evil with good ".