Syrian refugee: humanitarian corridors help us to build our future "step by step"

April 24 2019

humanitarian corridor

The interview of Jalal, a Syrian refugee, for Rome Reports

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In this interview for Rome Reports, Jalal, a Syrian refugee, talks about his arrival in Italy through the humanitarian corridors of Sant'Egidio and Protestant Churches. He fled from Aleppo due to the war and arrived in Rome in November 2018.

"I lost these eight years of my life for nothing, just waiting" he says. Thousands of people, of families are in this situation. Humanitarian corridors protect people in "vulnerable conditions" (victims of persecution, torture and violence, families with children, elderly, infirm, people with disabilities), granting them a legal entry into Italy through humanitarian visas and the opportunity for asylum application thereafter.

He urges the international community to invest in rebuilding not in destroying the country. In these times, it's more and more difficult for Syrians to build their future, or even imagine it.

"Humanitarian corridors have a program for us, like the school for learning the language". In Europe Jalal sees the opportunity to prepare his future "step by step".