#santegidiosummer in Moscow: vacation with homeless and the warmth of dignity

Although summer temperatures in Moscow  are still below 15 degrees, the Youth for Peace have “heated up" the #santegidiosummer by organizing a holiday with a group of poor and homeless people.

The holiday, which took place the last weekend of June in Snegiry, a town 30 km from the Russian, involved 20 poor persons. It has been a very important moment of strengthening the bonds of friendship started during the food distribution the Youth for Peace organize during the year at a number of stations in the city. The holiday was also attended by some who live in a dormitory for homeless people with disabilities the youngsters regularly visit.

Among the many activities carried out during the holiday, the "literary circle" and the "barbecue school". Particularly moving was the account of the story of the Community of Sant'Egidio and the Prayer for Peace, during which even the poor - with a gesture of great dignity - were able to make an offer for the reconstruction of Beira, the city in Mozambique severely hit by the cyclone last March.