DRC, a fire devastates 300 shacks in Bukavu: Sant'Egidio is close to the population

Slums grow and living conditions are very difficult in the Congolese city

Last week in Bukavu, the capital of southern Kivu, a terrible fire broke out in the slum of Camp-Zaïre in the popular neighborhood of Kadutu. It is the first neighborhood where the Community of Sant’Egidio started the service of the School of Peace. About 300 barracks caught fire and 500 families are now left on the street. Unfortunately, in addition to numerous wounded, there are also two victims: two girls, one 4 and one 9 years old, lost their lives. The fire, caused by the fire of a traditional kitchen, spread at great speed because in many keep in their barracks the bottles with petrol that are sold on the streets of the city.
The children of the School of Peace were saved, and the Community rushed to bring help: first water and food to help the families left without anything. The precarious living conditions in the poor neighborhoods of the city have worsened, as a consequence of an uncontrolled growth of shacks and makeshift settlements created by the population who abandon the countryside to live in the city.