Deaths in a lorry in UK: unacceptable tragedy for Europe. Need to stem human traffickers by favouring ways of regular access

The discovery, in the United Kingdom, of 39 people (including a teenager) who died of deprivation, greatly disturbs us. Even though at the moment their nationalities are not known, everything points to a new migration tragedy, unacceptable for a Europe of human rights.

The Community of Sant’Egidio launches an appeal to the institutions and European countries that they may quickly take measures to stem the sorrowful number of deaths of the journeys of hope. A journey via land in this case, probably through the Balkan route. Yet the journeys of hope also include other journeys in the Mediterranean Sea, like the ones taken a few days ago again, in front of Lampedusa’s shores.

Certain measures can and must be taken with urgency. The first regards the re-opening of regular entrances for employment reasons, given also the existing, strong demand of labour in different sectors of the European economy, including the demand of people’s carers (a need ever present especially in the countries affected by the demographic decrease). Secondly, there is a need to foster humanitarian corridors, for who escapes from war. Humanitarian corridors which can be put in place according to the model trialled, since February 2016, by Sant’Egidio – together with the Protestant Churches and with the Italian episcopal conference. Finally, all of this taking into account also the need of relocations inside Europe. We believe it necessary to point towards a consistent and renewed cooperation with the countries of origin of immigration, to offer young people a future there where they live, without them feeling tempted to offer their lives and destiny to human traffickers.