Covid 19, Sant’Egidio supports Guterres' proposal for a debt moratorium on Africa

April 6 2020


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The Community of Sant’Egidio supports the UN Secretary-General's proposal for a moratorium on the debts of emerging countries, particularly African ones, less prepared to face the emergency of the coronavirus pandemic. "A debt moratorium on these countries is needed - said Guterres - to mobilize large sums and allow concrete measures to be taken against the pandemic."

The African health situation is starting to become worrying; many countries are going into lock down encountering problems in the supply of food in large cities. Furthermore, healthcare facilities are not adequate for the challenge and almost non-existent in the rural area.

According to the UN Secretary General, the revitalization of the global economy cannot be separated from a general rethinking of strategies: "either there will be solidarity responses, or such responses will remain ineffective".

Sant'Egidio, for almost twenty years committed to supporting African health systems thanks to the DREAM program, is re-adapting its health structures to combat the virus and shares the hope that from the emergency of the pandemic it will be possible to rethink a truly accessible health care for all the citizens.