Africa Day: decrease of cooperation related to the coronavirus crisis is alarming

May 25 2020


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Sant'Egidio celebrates Africa Day, in such a difficult time for the whole continent. At present, especially in the sub-Saharan belt, infection from coronavirus seems contained, it is still essential to keep high guard and intensify prevention activities, especially given the extreme fragility of local health facilities.

The Community expresses its concern for the decrease in aid and cooperation from the North of the world.cIndeed, in the face of the pandemic we cannot save us by ourselves: we must also take care of Africa, which is currently suffering more than the other continents the effects of the economic crisis linked to Covid-19. Sant’Egidio strongly renews its commitment for peace in Africa, an essential basis for any future development, together with pivotal initiatives carried out in several countries protecting the most fragile sectors of society: street children, homeless people, elderly, prisoners, all living in dramatic conditions.

Sant’Egidio is also engaged since many years now, with two main programme: 

- DREAM, preventing vertical transmission of HIV and at the same time ensuring the survival of the mother and child by providing treatment to HIV-positive women during pregnancy. Currently active in 10 countries of Africa, and treating 500,000 people.

- BRAVO!, for free and secure birth registration, in view of growing issue of unregistered children and its implication on peace and stability of states in developing countries.