A call to mercy in the words of Ramiro, a Mexican person sentenced to death

February 12 2021 - UNITED STATES

Death Penalty

Sign the appeal to save his life and stop an inhuman punishment on

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The execution of Ramiro Ibarra is scheduled for 4th March 2021. Ramiro Ibarra has been in prison for 25 years for the heinous murder of a teenager. His defense attorney claim that he did not have a trial adequate to the seriousness of the case: Ibarra suffers from a mental deficit and, as a Mexican citizen, has never received consular assistance.

On it is possible to sing the appeal and send it to the Governor of Texas to stop its execution and to reaffirm a sense of justice that does not destroys life. On the same page the heartbreaking letter of Ramiro, written a few days ago - Ramiro has been pen friend with the Community of Sant'Egidio for 20 years:

“I live in a small world of 2.70 by 1.20 meters, surrounded by walls, without seeing anyone. Jesus became for me a friend and strength. Only the Lord knows why he still keeps me alive and for this I bless his holy and precious name”


Sign the appeal. Save the life of Ramiro Ibarra