'A new life' for an Afghan Hazara family who arrived in Italy from Lesvos Island

May 24 2021 - MILAN, ITALY

humanitarian corridor

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From Afghanistan, through the island of Lesvos, to the capital of Lombardy has been a long, difficult journey which - thanks to the humanitarian corridors - finally reached its destination: a house in the south of Milan but most of all the possibility of a new start.
The family, a mother and three children, landed in a group of forty refugees at Fiumicino Airport on 17 May. They had been stranded in Lesvos for two years and had experienced the tragedy of the great fire in September 2020, which destroyed the refugee camp in Moria.
This new start also means the three children will go to school. It is a particularly important piece of news because just a few weeks ago an attack on a school in the Hazara district in Kabul, Afghanistan, killed 55 people. Most of them were students.
The story of this family is an example that it is possible to help people start a new life away from war, terrorism and violence thanks to the Humanitarian Corridors. More than 3,500 people have been able to reach Italy, France, Belgium and Andorra legally and safely, protected from human traffickers since February 2016 and have started a new life.
"A new life", just as one of the three girls excitedly exclaimed when they arrived at Milan Central Station.