21 June, summer officially begins. And also the #santegidiosummer!

June 21 2021


Let's share initiatives for a friendship and solidarity summer

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What is summer 2021 going to be like? After months of pandemic and isolation, what lies ahead in the season beginning today?

So #santegidiosummer has begun with the younger ones, the children who this year more than ever - in the suburbs or in the Roma camps - have experienced the desire to be together. They are enjoying spending time together and catching up with others in their learning.
It's going to be a very special summer with people with disabilities, for the elderly, for the homeless, for refugees in the camps in Lesbos or on the Balkan route.

We'll tell you about it, through pictures and stories of people who are going to be part of it.

Our story starts from the Summerschool. LEARN MORE
and this is just the beginning.....