Young religious leaders talk about "The Future We Want". Forum 4 at La Nuvola on October 7 at 10am

October 6 2021


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Five young religious leaders, five confessions, five countries of provenance, three continents represented. In the fourth forum of the meeting of interreligious dialogue "The Future We Want. Young People in Dialogue" religious leaders of the "future earth" will participate, who are called from today to build an interreligious dialogue.

The world of tomorrow, the future of the young people after the pandemic, the earth as a common home, the fight against poverty in a world of increasing inequalities, the youth movements: on these and other themes the speakers will relate at the meeting "Peoples as Brothers, Future Earth”.

Participants in the Forum include Metropolitan Antonij di Korsun, Patriarchal Exarch of Western Europe, 36 years old; Jaron Engelmayer, Chief Rabbi of Vienna and a speaker at the Prayers for Peace since 2009; Keishu Kataoka, representative of the Soto Zen Buddhism Europe Office; Lucas Pedrò from the Missionary Movement of Francis; Ali Wahdat, from the Afghan Movement for Peace. The speakers will relate on themes of peace and the young people, also with an eye on recent international events.
The forum will also be attended by some classes of the scientific Lyceum “Aristotele” of Rome and many other young students.

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After the conference, the texts of the speakers will be published