Sign to stop the execution of John Hummel. A few clicks for life

We address you with an urgent appeal. John Hummel, who has lived on death row in Texas for ten years, is expected to be executed in a few days.

After the interruption motivated by the pandemic, while in other American states the death penalty is not applied or slowed down, in Texas it remains a priority, due to political will.

John, 44, was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife Joy and father-in-law Clyde Bedford. We express our sorrow and feel close to the suffering of those who cannot stop suffering from these murders, we firmly believe that no reparation can come by killing another person.

We ask those in power to choose between John's life and death, and to consider every available alternative measure of justice.

You can submit the appeal for John though the "No Death Penalty" campaign website.

We invite you to make these few clicks.

Your gesture will strengthen thousands of other subscribers, and it will become a voice for a world free from the death penalty.

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