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Help us to save the life of Dexter Johnson! Execution scheduled on 2nd May 2019

2019 Április 24

SEND THE APPEAL HERE Dear használó The US state of Texas is planning to execute Dexter Johnson the 2nd May 2019. Please, take action and help defend Dexter's life: with just one click you...

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Holy Week: in the world and in history, life wins over the force of evil

2019 Április 18

Dear használó, this Holy Week we are living, especially this year, tells us of the force of evil, but also of the victory of Jesus over evil and death, by his Resurrection. The Notre Dame fire, in Paris, tells us this story of the disaster of the flames,...

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Mozambique and the fight against cholera, in the wake of cyclone Idai

2019 Április 8

Dear használó, we like to keep you updated on what's going on in Mozambique and Malawi, in the wake of cyclone Idai. We do so, to let you know about the efforts of Sant’Egidio and to heart-fully thank all those supporting us. The first consequence,...

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Beira, Mozambique: “They have lost everything, yet they want to live and help others to live again”

2019 Április 2

Dear használó, We are constantly receiving updates on the developing situation in the city of Beira. Particularly from on the two medical centers of Sant’Egidio, providing health services through the DREAM Program. The Polyvalent center, next...

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Climate change: humanitarian emergency in Malawi and Mozambique. Help us!

2019 Március 15

Dear használó, Climate change and starvation Malawi's economy is manly based on agriculture, with strong reliance on climate stability. In the 90s, regular rainfall was guaranteeing some sort of "natural irrigation” to the country and a relative...

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How a “YES” culture can save a life

2019 Február 1

Dear használó, We celebrated yesterday the memory of Modesta, a woman who use to live in the streets of Rome. She died at 36 in the main city train station. The reason was a “NO”: no to help, no to a shelter, as she was to dirty and with lice. 36...

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May peace and joy be everyone's future. Merry Christmas from the Community of Sant'Egidio

2018 December 21

Christmas 2018 Dear használó Jesus’ Christmas is announced by an angel that says that there will be great joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people. A sign is given: a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. A manger, which...

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We are so many in Bologna bulding Bridges of Peace. Join us even Online!

2018 Október 15

Dear használó, as you already know, we are in Bologna at the Interfaith International Meeting of dialogue and prayer for peace #bridgesofpeace2018. We wish to tell you what is going on and invite you to follow the Meeting also via web. "There is...

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2018 Október 9

Dear használó, We are only a few days away from the great event of peace and dialogue among faith and cultures in the Spirit of Assisi that the Community of Sant’Egidio summons every year in Europe. This year we will be in Bologna, from 14th to...

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Sorry: here is the link for the free ebook in english

2018 Július 13

The poor are your treasure. An ebook showing words an images of the meeting with Pope Francis. DOWNLOAD PDF >>      ...

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