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2 December 2019

Dear gebruiker, It is not easy to find order in our world today. At times, it seems difficult to understand it. We live in a time of bewilderment. The contemporary world is indeed complex and requires the ability to read the diversity of events, to grasp...

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Wishing you the best #santegidiosummer ever

25 Juni- 2019

Dear gebruiker, Summer is coming. And with it all the time in the world. Why not invest part of this time in helping others? Even if you don’t go backpacking to a faraway country, we can still have a summer full of stories by helping those in need....

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Environment, a major concern. What are we doing?

10 Juni- 2019

 Dear gebruiker, some days ago we celebrated the World Envirnoment Day. But the concern for the future of our planet cannot last one day only. It  is a major concern for our generation and for the future. What are we doing? Community of Sant'Egidio...

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SANT'EGIDIO - May Updates

31 Mei 2019

Dear gebruiker, Sant'Egidio rejoice for the abolition of the death penalty in New Hampshire, the last state on the East Coast of the United States maintaining it. "Live free or die" is the motto of New Hampshire, the "State of Granite”...

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Help us to save the life of Dexter Johnson! Execution scheduled on 2nd May 2019

24 April 2019

SEND THE APPEAL HERE Dear gebruiker The US state of Texas is planning to execute Dexter Johnson the 2nd May 2019. Please, take action and help defend Dexter's life: with just one click you can...

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Holy Week: in the world and in history, life wins over the force of evil

18 April 2019

Dear gebruiker, this Holy Week we are living, especially this year, tells us of the force of evil, but also of the victory of Jesus over evil and death, by his Resurrection. The Notre Dame fire, in Paris, tells us this story of the disaster of the flames,...

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Mozambique and the fight against cholera, in the wake of cyclone Idai

8 April 2019

Dear gebruiker, we like to keep you updated on what's going on in Mozambique and Malawi, in the wake of cyclone Idai. We do so, to let you know about the efforts of Sant’Egidio and to heart-fully thank all those supporting us. The first consequence,...

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Beira, Mozambique: “They have lost everything, yet they want to live and help others to live again”

2 April 2019

Dear gebruiker, We are constantly receiving updates on the developing situation in the city of Beira. Particularly from on the two medical centers of Sant’Egidio, providing health services through the DREAM Program. The Polyvalent center, next...

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Climate change: humanitarian emergency in Malawi and Mozambique. Help us!

15 Maart 2019

Dear gebruiker, Climate change and starvation Malawi's economy is manly based on agriculture, with strong reliance on climate stability. In the 90s, regular rainfall was guaranteeing some sort of "natural irrigation” to the country and a relative...

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How a “YES” culture can save a life

1 Februari 2019

Dear gebruiker, We celebrated yesterday the memory of Modesta, a woman who use to live in the streets of Rome. She died at 36 in the main city train station. The reason was a “NO”: no to help, no to a shelter, as she was to dirty and with lice. 36...

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