Sant'Egidio humanitarian mission in Bangui, Central Africa. A step towards the implementation of the peace agreement

Significant important steps are happening during these weeks in Central Africa, which are in turn occurring thanks to the application of the Rome Agreement. Let’s sum up some significant news that shows how, within a difficult situation, the path traced in Sant'Egidio has begun to bear its fruits.

OnJuly 31st, the UN Deputy Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, visited Central Africa meeting the governmental authorities of the country. He also made a statement to the press: "The Deputy Secretary-General mentioned to his interlocutors the ongoing peace efforts and in particular the Rome Agreement under the protection of the Community of Sant’Egidio and the African Union’s initiative”.

This is a further crucial message of respect and extreme collaboration between Sant’Egidio and the UN - with which there is a collaboration agreement.

Sant’Egidio staff, currently in Central Africa, proceeded on 2 August with the distribution of emergency aid arrived in the country thanks to the Italian Cooperation. 1034 women refugees in Bangui received rice and flour, pieces of soap, mats, oil, salt, powdered milk, coffee and tea After this first distribution, there will be other deliveries in different districts of Bangui.
A woman, who had been a refugee in Cameroon for 5 years and returned to her country in the last two weeks, stated to the local news: “I have only been back to my country of origin for two weeks. I am proud of this help that will support us for some time. Thanks to the Community of Sant’Egidio.”

The Sant’Egidio staff met the different governmental authorities, by preparing the next steps for the implementation of the Rome agreement, in particular the free entrance of humanitarian assistance for the people in need throughout the country.