Undersecretary Giro: To conquer terrorism is more than defeating ISIS, we need to work with the youth #pathsofpeace

"The recruiters have invented an Islam 2.0 that is like an app: a diverse religion is simplified"

"We cannot understand terrorism, reasoning from theses. We need to look at the faces of the radicalized youth", as Mario Giro, Italian Undersecretary of Forreign Affairs, affirmed, when speaking at one of the round tabels at the conference "Paths of Peace", organised in Münster by the Community of Sant'Egidio. "The recruiters - explained Giro - have invented an Islam 2.0 that's like and app: a differentiated religion, adapted, simplified and directed to whoever wants to act according to their frustrations." The problem is not only a military one: "It's not enough to destroy Isis to interrupt these manipulations, because undertakers in fear can always manipulate the most vulnerable, in particular the young people. We must look at their faces of those young people who have chosen the dark side" and invest in their education.