In Maputo a conference with Monsignor Matteo Zuppi to celebrate 25 years of peace in Mozambique, by also looking to the future.

Twenty-five years after the signing of the peace agreement in Mozambique, which was signed in Rome on October 4, 1992, a conference was held in Maputo entitled "Celebrating memory while looking to the future". This conference happened with Msgr. Matteo Zuppi, who is one of the protagonists of the negotiations that led to the end of the long Mozambican civil war.
Matteo Zuppi, in video connection from Italy, retraced the steps of the peace process by even looking to the country's future, for which it is increasingly necessary to consolidate peace through dialogue and the defense of the centrality of parliament in political life.
At the end of the conference, the Archbishop of Bologna talked to the civil and religious authorities present in the meeting, inviting them to invest in the challenge of education and work for young people, who are the true future of Mozambique.