The Minister of Welfare, who participated in the "Peace in All Lands" event, has visited Sant'Egidio during the first days of the year

 Sant'Egidio's commitment to peace and stabilization in South Sudan marked the beginning of 2018 with the visit of Ms. Awut Deng to Rome. She is the Minister of Welfare of Africa's youngest state, who participated in the "Peace in All Lands" march that was promoted by the Community on January 1.

Since 2013, South Sudan has been in the grip of a political and economic crisis that has caused great suffering to the population. This situation was the focus of the meetings that were held at Sant'Egidio.

The minister also met with those in charge of the BRAVO project for the civil registration of children. In particular, she expressed great interest in the method adopted by the program for civil registration in rural areas (most births take place at home in South Sudan) and late registrations. Meanwhile, South Sudan is even preparing to write a civil registration law that aims to guarantee identity and rights for all children in the country.