Ebook - The poor are your treasure: the visit of Pope Francis for the 50th of Sant'Egidio FREE DOWNLOAD

The poor are your treasure.
An ebook showing words an images of the meeting with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis and Sant'Egidio: a meeting, a people's celebration, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Community.An extraordinary moment this book will revive us, through images and words to be kept and remembered. A book to "look ahead to the future" as Andrea Riccardi says in his contribution.The pope's words echo his: "Today, more than ever, carry on audaciously on this path. Carry on standing at the side of the children of the peripheries, with the Schools of Peace that I have visited; carry on being at the side of the elderly: sometimes they are discarded, but to you they are friends. Carry on opening new humanitarian corridors for the refugees of war and hunger. The poor are your treasure!”.