Be craftsmen of Peace: Pope Francis’ wishes to the marchers for “Peace in Every Land 2019”

Video and Images

"My warmest greetings go especially to all of you, dear Romans and pilgrims here today in Piazza San Pietro, so many! It looks like a canonization! Also, I welcome those taking part in the event “Peace in Every Land", organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio.
And here I wish to express both my appreciation and closeness to the countless initiatives of prayer and commitment for peace held today in every part of the world, promoted by the ecclesial communities”. With these words, Pope Francis welcomed the numerous participants to the march for Peace promoted by Sant’Egidio: so many people expressing a strong commitment for peace and firm openness to the requests for peace rising from different countries.

"We gathered here today for one reason: we want peace for the many countries and people still suffering from the war. It is for them that we are here today” said Marco Impagliazzo, President of Sant’Egidio, greeting the crowd. He also added: “Our resources are not rich or powerful, yet we are building peace with just poor means: prayer, words, encounter, memory, dialogue and #humanitariancorridors... And by great surprise we descover that poor means are stronger then ever!".

You can easily re-live the event with full speeches by watching the VIDEO here below