A ray of hope to the civil war in the Central African Republic

Mauro Garofalo - International Relation Officer for Sant’Egidio - explains the current situation in the Central African Republic, where the Community spend more than a decade working on dialogue and conflict resolution to bring peace in the area. Find out more

This is a peculiar moment for the country. The agreement for Peace and Reconciliation, signed on the 6th February this year, has brought al lot of hope and new energies for the country and its population. The agreement was signed by the government and 14 rebel groups.

In recent years, Pope Francis visited the Central African Republic and His visit is still remembered as a great moment in the history of the country. Pope Francis strongly support the process of Peace in this country: He sponsored a new medical centre for malnourished children in Bangui, which will provide the same level of health care of the western world.

A ray of hope, to be treasured, for Peace in Africa.