Humanitarian emergency in Malawi and Mozambique, help us now!

Climate change and starvation
Malawi's economy is manly based on agriculture, with strong reliance on climate stability. In the 90s, regular rainfall was guaranteeing some sort of "natural irrigation” to the country and a relative well-being to the population. Unfortunately, in recent times things have changed due to climate change. Torrential rains followed by long periods of drought have dramatically effected crops causing the strong impoverishment of the population. Corn fields - the main product grown - are suffering from drought and destroyed by rain. Therefore, food shortage increases prices and hits the poorest condemning them to starvation.

The current situation
Last week it rained for days, causing the flooding of the river Shire, on whose shores the farmer houses have been build. Water took everything away - homes, people, and many children too - it flooded the fields destroying the entire harvest expected for May.
Those who were able to escape from the fury of the water are now sheltered in schools, yet there is no place for everyone and many families are still without any kind of refuge, or under the trees. This is an extremely dangerous situation, considering the coming rains. A new cyclone is expected to hit Malawi and part of Mozambique in the following days. further damages are expected, with serious concern.

What can we do
The Communities of Sant Egidio in Malawi have already started to fundraise and are currently providing humanitarian aid and basic necessities among the affected population. We  now ask for everyone's help. All funds raised will be directed to the affected areas in Malawi and Mozambique for emergency aid and reconstruction.
We urgently need: plastic sheets, clothes, blankets, food and beverages. By the time rain is over, there will be the need to rebuild houses, especially the one for the weakest: elderly and particularly poor or large families.

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