An interview about the help of Sant'Egidio to those affected by cyclones in Mozambique (EWTN VIDEO)

Mauro Garofalo tell what Sant’Egidio is doing in the emergence caused by the cyclones

Mauro Garofalo joins EWTN News Nightly with Lauren Ashburn to tell how the Community of Sant'Egidio is helping those affected by the cyclones in Mozambique.

Mozambique suffered two devastating cyclones in just six weeks. More than 600 people died, thousands are homeless. Now the country is battling an outbreak of deadly diseases like cholera and malaria.

Sant’Egidio is a Catholic group focused on prayer, peace and helping the poor. This Catholic group has a very long relationship with Mozambique. Several medical facilities were destroyed or damaged by the cyclone.

What is Sant’Egidio doing in the emergence caused by the cyclones in Mozambique?

We have a long history of friendship with Mozambique and we are carrying out projects for the treatment of HIV and opportunistic diseases” tells Mauro Garofalo, International Relation Officer of the Community of Sant’Egidio. “As a matter of fact, our medical facilities were struck by the cyclone”.
The centers of the programme DREAM, that provide treatment for HIV, has become a shelter for hundreds of people  who have been left homeless by the cyclone. Sant’Egidio has been working on a vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of cholera caused by the contaminated water after the cyclone. “We know the population thanks to the DREAM programme” said Garofalo, and this helps the vaccination campaign to be effective.