"We cannot accept that a slum in our city is so forgotten and unlivable". That was the thought of the members of the Community of Sant'Egidio in Kampala (Uganda). For this reason, on Sunday, October 20, the Community called together many friends in order to promote a day of friendship and to clean the slum of Katwe where many families live. They immigrated from the poorest region of Uganda.

In Katwe, hundreds of children live in extreme poverty and some of them have been seen by the Community while they were begging in the streets of Kampala. Hence, Sant'Egidio regularly organizes parties and gives snacks to the children in Katwe. Many of them also participate in the School of Peace, which is located in a nearby neighbourhood. Moreover, the Community gathers for prayer every week. In particular, multiple children engage in this event, especially when the focus is on the prayer for peace for the many countries at war.

Along with the people of Katwe, various persons cleaned up the streets, started a system of garbage collection, and created safe spaces for children to play. Thus, the beauty of the Ugandan landscape could also be enjoyed by the people of this area. Furthermore, Sant’Egidio’s friends argue that “everyone is concerned about the pollution that threatens our land and realizes that the places where the poor live are the first to be affected." They even claim that "there are many challenges. They have started to address some of them, which are the children’s vaccination and the allocation of hygiene products."
Additionally, Uganda Youth TV and Bukedde TV, who were intrigued by the occasion, came and interviewed many participants.
A representative of the families thanked Sant'Egidio by saying "I thank you for your work and your closeness. You are not like the others who come once, take pictures and then you never see them again. You are like a family that always comes back".
A delegate from the municipality of Kampala also attended the event and he was grateful for the initiative of solidarity. He was even thankful for the concrete commitment of the youth of Sant'Egidio for the rights of children.