Christmas is near! It will bring healing and a new world

Message of Marco Impagliazzo, President of Sant'Egidio

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Christmas 2020 is a special Christmas. In truth, every Christmas is special because every Christmas is a unique and new event. Indeed, this year we will experience it in a world, where Jesus is born in a sick world; sick because of the coronavirus, of this pandemic affecting the lives of thousands and thousands of people in every part of the world.

So this Christmas, there is a stronger expectation, a greater expectation of a new world, of a healed world, of a world where the environment is respected and above all where everyone, especially those who live at the margins that are vulnerable, poor, are welcomed. Think of the elderly in nursing homes, those who have not been visited for months.

This Christmas we wish to reach everyone, with creativity, with new ways, with phone calls and visits. By thinking of others and bringing a gift, a present. In short, this Christmas must find all of us more united, all more involved because we are all waiting for this new world that Jesus will bring because Jesus - we are convinced - is our faith, is our hope. He will bring a new world, because He announces the Gospel, the Good News we are all waiting for.

The first Good News is the healing, the consolation for those who are sick, for those who have been living alone for months now, for all of them, for all of us, may Christmas come, may the anticipation of hope of healing, of consolation and of companionship grow in all of us. For this reason, from Sant'Egidio, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, I wish it to each and every one so that it may truly be a Christmas for all.