South Sudan: together with Sant'Egidio major step forward towards Peace

New round of negotiations in Kenya

A new round of negotiations took place in Naivasha - few kilometers from Nairobi - with the government of South Sudan and two groups not signatories of the RARCSS (Revitalised Agreement), namely the SSOMA-SSUF led by General Paul Malong and the SSOMA-Real SPLM, led by Pagan Amum.

After three days of intensive discussions, the parties reached agreement on two documents. The first calls for a ceasefire commitment in accordance with the Rome Declaration and Rome Resolutions. The second, the so-called "Declaration of Principles" establishes the political principles to bring armed conflict back into the sphere of political discussion and spare further suffering to the South Sudanese people, already burdened by long-lasting crisis.

Sant'Egidio is grateful to the international community for its effective collaboration, particularly the government of Kenya for its support and hospitality, and renews its commitment to an inclusive and lasting resolution of the South Sudanese conflict