A cargo of Sant'Egidio humanitarian aid for the displaced people of Cabo Delgado reaches Pemba, Mozambique

On 3 July, a flight organised by the European Union with humanitarian aid from the Community of Sant'Egidio landed in Pemba, capital of the tormented region of Cabo Delgado, together with basic necessities provided by the Italian and Portuguese governments and international agencies.
Aid is directed at displaced people, currently almost 800,00 in the province, who have fled the jihadist terrorism affecting this region for several years.
The Community of Sant'Egidio has been helping the victims of the conflict since the beginning of the crisis in 2017, through a widespread presence in the area of Cabo Delgado, and in the neighbouring provinces of Nampula and Niassa, where most of the internally displaced people are heading.
The cargo contains basic necessities such as masks, clothes and shoes - precious material for those who have had to leave their homes and lost everything.
Last year, Sant'Egidio distributed more than 100 tons of food and basic necessities to displaced people. It has reached out to people in refugee camps and those who have found shelter with family members or in emergency accommodation.
Many families were helped to build new houses and resume farming in safer areas in the north of the country. Others were given help to pay for transport to flee conflict zones and reach their families.
Dina arrived in Pemba after an attack on the city of Palma (site of the gas extraction project) and had no news of her elderly and blind father. Thanks to the help of Sant'Egidio, after almost a month, she got in touch with her father, who was helped to reach Pemba and be reunited with his daughter.
The Community of Sant'Egidio premises in Pemba have become a reception centre for people who have escaped attacks, but arrive exhausted after fleeing into the forest for long weeks.