Prayer vigils for migrants who died at sea near Calais

November 25 2021


in Brussels and Antwerp

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Yesterday, at least 27 migrants, including women and children, drowned in the Channel in front of Calais (France). Sant'Egidio will commemorate the victims of this new human tragedy on the North Sea, in a prayer vigil
In Brussels: Thursday 25 November at 19.30 in the church of the Riches Claires
In Antwerp: Friday 26 November at 19.30 in the church of St Charles Borromeo
Furthermore, Sant'Egidio asks Belgium, the European Union and the United Kingdom to urgently establish a different policy, making safe and legal migration possible.
Sant'Egidio volunteers from Belgium regularly go to the camps in Calais and Dunkirk to bring food and other basic necessities to the migrants.