We remember fondly David Sassoli: a man loyal to the principles of democracy and humanism of which Europe is the bearer

January 11 2022


In the news, his video message for the World Day of Cities for Life, against the death penalty - on 30th November 2021.

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The Community of Sant'Egidio gathers around the family of David Sassoli and remembers him with profound affection. In his interpretation, the essence of politics was to work for the common good and not only for those on the same side. A man loyal to the principles of democracy and humanism of which Europe is the bearer. Just over a month ago, last 30th November, he took part to the International Day against the Death Penalty, with a message full of hope for the achievements of this battle, of which he was firmly convinced and he defined as “a fundamental moral duty". For Europe and everyone.

We lose a dear friend, met at the time of his youth. A catholic, a democratic, young and a man of dialogue. In his intense commitment to the European Parliament – where he was appointed President and where he was valued highly by all political parties - he followed ideals of humanity and justice, that are now, and more than ever, indispensable to guide the institutions for a Union able to embodying a project of humanistic democracy, made of respect for human rights and protection of the most vulnerable. In this regard, it is particularly significant his commitment to the appeal "No Future Without the elderly" against selective health care, promoted by Sant'Egidio at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video message of David Sassoli for the World Day of "Citied for Life, Cities against the Death Penalty" - on the 30th November 2021